• Eddie Limbaga

Save Now, Save Later, Why Now

How you save now:

-Zero out of pocket expense

-Monthly payments lower than your current electricity bill

-30% Tax Credit that expires at the end of 2019

-Eliminate payments to your electric company

How you save in the future:

-Summer Bills that double or triple will no longer exist. Your payment remains the same until you pay off your loan.

-When you pay off your loan you will not have a solar payment or an electric payment.

-Rising electricity costs will not affect your home

-Installing solar by 2019 will grandfather you into the best benefits offered for 20 years. Your utility company will not be allowed to change your terms until then

Why is now the best time to get solar installed

-Parts made oversees have lowered the pricing dramatically

-Cost of installation is at an all time low

-30% Tax Credit expires in 2019

-Net Metering 2.0 currently has the best benefits for solar connection to the grid. When this expires it will not be as beneficial for the home owner. If installed in 2019 you will get grandfathered for 20 years for these benefits.

-Every New Home built after January 1st 2020 must have solar. This limits the continued profit growths for utility companies. The only way for them to maintain profitability is to raise rates. Those without solar will be affected by the rate increases.

Earn money by letting people know about your savings

-My solar business relies dominantly on my network and referrals. Share with your friends and family how much you have saved by going solar and they will show interest. By setting up appointments if we sell your referral a solar system you will get a referral commission of $500-$1,000 depending on the size of system. Refer 1 person every couple months and it will pay for your solar. Your home and savings will be your biggest selling tool.

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